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Merle's Mission is full of resources that would be of interest to Webmasters, Website Promoters, and Internet Junkies. Published twice a month it contains EXPERT advice on web design, site promotion, containing FREE software, the latest Internet News, ebooks and tips that will help you build and maintain your Website all Free, or at low cost. The newsletter is published monthly.

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2009/2010 Issues are Archived here.

If you'd like to preview Back Issues go to the Archives Here.

Merles Mission Ezine- free ezine

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Download my ebook "The Best of Merle's Mission - Anniversary Edition" which contains the best Web Resources from past issues of my ezine. You must have MS IE 4.0 or better installed on your PC to view it. It's a valuable resource for anyone who is "working the net", download it here. Feel free to offer it to your own site visitors or to your subscribers.

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I'm sure you're going to love "Merle's Mission" but don't take my word for it... See what some of my "Happy Subscribers"are saying...(actual e-mails I received)

"I always learn something from your Merles Mission Ezine. You must spend a lot of time researching!"


"An ezine that continues to deliver good information. Merle actually researches her material (imagine THAT!) and consistently provides excellent "How To..." articles. Another ezine I always READ! You should to."

jl Scott, ph.d.

Hi Merle,

"Thanks. The newsletter is real good. Lots of good resources. It might be taking you a long time to find all of these nifty resources... Thanks Again."

Ankesh Kothari

Hi Merle,

"This is June here, a happy subscriber of your Merle's Mission Ezine...

I just want to thank you for the well put together ezine... I'm amazed how you manage to 'dig out' so many fresh useful tools and links each week. Thank you - you've made our lives simpler by doing all the dirty research work for us.. :-)

Thanks again and do keep up the good work."

June Yeap

"The quality of your ezine is quite impressing. Most of all, I value the diversitiy of the articles you chose to publish. My personal impression is that I would very much appreciate a little more emphasis on the SEO (its my personal interest) Your ezine means quite a lot for my business; glad to be your subscriber."


"I've been a subscriber to Merle's Mission for nearly five years,. and each month, it's managed to surprise me with at least one free or low-cost product or service that makes my job easier -- and save me money. The Internet has a lot of treasures -- thanks to Merle, I've discovered the best of them! "

High Maintenance

"I have to say, you have the best Ezine out there with lot's of great info links and other good promotional content. Since I have just started gathering good information from you my promotional interest has soared and already proven successful with your advice. Thank you! "

Dean W. Morley
LynTech Systems


"Merle, you trully are amazing. I spend 10 hours a day at my computer and I don't find as much cool stuff as you. Really a great web utility."


"Gosh, Merle. Merles Mission is the highlight of my day. Your voice is so upbeat and the ezine is clear and clean to read. Great tips and tools, too! You're great!"

Honor Hart

"Say, if you haven't subscribed to MerlesWorld, you are missing the Best ezine on the net today! Great information, freebies, and a publisher with a great sense of humor. I always read it from Top to Bottom. Can't afford to miss any of the great content! Great job Merle! Keep 'em' coming."

Carmella Leo

Hey Merle,

"Glad to see you've put "Merles World" online! You always have so much good stuff to read, this makes it easier. You have one of the few ezines left that never fails to bring a smile to my face somewhere in the copy. Just goes to show - done by the right person, business can still be fun!"

:-) jl

"Merle offers a down to earth newsletter that reports on the coolest free and low-cost resources that'll help your online business prosper, whether that should mean making more money, or saving a TON of time.

And this is *little-known* stuff -- not the same five resources that have been done to death in every other ezine's "resource section" for the past decade. There's literally not been one issue I've read where I've not pulled *at least* three excellent resources out of it.

"Merle's really on a mission. This thing is a gold mine."

If you're a Webmaster, promote a website, or are just looking for a whole lot of ways to make your e-biz run more efficiently, more enjoyably, or more profitably, join Merle's Mission."

Harmony Major


"Just a quick note to say "Thank You!" for all the tremendous help that you so graciously supply to us struggling "Netizens," who often find ourselves precariously dangling from a very thin thread of this "World Wide Web."

You are amazingly well versed and knowledgeable in so many diverse realms of the internet game, and your writing style is authentically "Down to Earth" and very approachable!

I often tell my friends and clients that you're an "Encyclopedia of internet wisdom, packed into a human frame." Once they check you out, they invariably always agree. The "WORD" is spreading!

You certainly know your business, that quickly become obvious to any one who spends any time at all reading your comments, but what I find so amazing is your sense of truly caring, really wanting to help other. Your personality clearly comes through all that you say in such a strong fashion, that it makes us readers instantly feel at ease, comfortable, even trustful, as if we've known you all our lives.

That is truly a rare and wonderful gift.

Thanks for just being You!"

Larry L. Nichols
When Only the Right Words will do,
It's Right for You- Right Now!


"I personally read 175-200 ezines per day that "fake-it-till-they-make-it" in the area of resources and overall useful content. I've never found an exemplary site that I would confidently pattern my site after until now. I thank you for sharing the hope that someone out there understand marketing and customer centered U. S. P. (unique selling proposition ). Congratulations, and thank you !"

J. Lee Palmer
"the California eagle"

"Excellent stuff! Why didn't I ever get Merle's Mission sooner? It's got everything I look for in a newsletter, and I look through a lot of newsletters every month. Big Thanks for yet another issue full of tips, news and resources that I can really make good use of. You can bet I'll be waiting for the next one to arrive."


"Hi, My name is Sandy. I am kinda new to all this Internet stuff (just two years). But, I have to say I absolutely love getting "MerlesMission" in my email box! I do a website for our Motorcycle Association and the info I receive from this ezine is fantastic! Keep up the good work! Wish I had been around for the first 100 issues but, will be around for the next 100."


"I get about 200 or so ezines every week and yours is one of the few I take time to read. I always find something unique and helpful, and that's saying quite a bit since I'm one of those web old timers!"

Best regards, Jim Daniels

"I subscribed to Merle Mission ezine sometime last year and, to date, it is one of the few newsletters that I created a folder for where I save each issue after reading every line. The ezine is well organized, contains rich contents and invaluable information. Merle, your ezine is one of the main reasons why I fell in love with online business. The way each issue brings a solution to a problem I'm grappling with as if you have the ability to read my mind is incredible.

Please keep up the good job."


"Of all the ezines and news letters I receive I only look forward to two and Merle publishes BOTH of them !! If you're looking for common sense advice with none of the "Guru" ego baloney then Merle is your source. Thanks Merle, you make my day !!"

Bill Silcox
My Uncle Buck
From the best craftsmen in the world for
the finest home in the world . . . Yours!! "

"I am the webmaster for a school district site so I don't have a great need for the commercial site information that is posted in this e-zine. Yet every issue I receive has beneficial information which allows me to improve our school district web site. This zine is one of my favorite sources for beneficial, current, cutting-edge technology. I don't know of one better"


Hey, Merle,

"Great Newsletter, as always. I wanted to take a moment to applaud you. There are those who hone a business blade, trading blow for blow, always keeping a lean, competitive edge (and they make a lot of money for awhile, often doing what they don't love, and burn out early.) They feel indignant at the thought of giving something without gain or promise return of some kind. I am not faulting them, I just notice it as a style.

Then there are those who are taking a daily walk on their path, sewing seeds along the way, sharing what they have, with an open mind, recognizing that, not only are they building a bridge for possible future business and/or friendships, but enjoying an immediate return, i.e., happiness experienced by giving or sharing with another.

It is said the greatest satisfaction a human soul can find is in service, well paid or not. Regardless, I see throughout my life, these types of people often having a smaller business, but loving it, earning credibility and respect in their community and among their peers, lasting through the years, and eventually having all they could ever want or need.

Today I received another of your newsletters, something you obviously spend a great deal of time on. It ALWAYS has something I am interested in. And even though the little project blurb I sent you was not your typical newsletter topic, you recognized it for the fun it might be for your readers, and you included it as such. I think that's terrific.

You didn't send back a list of "link and exchange" demands, etc., as did most of the editors of the Newsletter that I SUBSCRIBE TO did. You kept an open mind and considered your readers and your subscriber (me).

Although our newsletter is primarily for songwriters and musicians seeking music career advice, many now have websites and are becoming aware of their potential there. I am going to do a short paragraph about how useful I find your newsletter in our next issue (Mar. 20 or so). I do not know if your response will be peak, but we do have 400 die-hard readers who trust our tips.

Again, thanks for taking the time and keeping an open mind."

BEST wishes.
Janet Fisher
Goodnight Kiss Music (BMI)
Scene Stealer Music (ASCAP)

"I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I really enjoyed reading your e-zine today, While I subscribe to a lot of e-zines , I must say this is one of the best, few have kept me clicking away as yours to great links and information, and that the best reason to subscribe, "useful content". I want to start my own e-zine in the near future and I will use the links and ideas offered here without a doubt."

"Thanks to Ruth's Directory of EZines, we found you! We do have a complaint you have to much valuable content, so we can't get any work done! Just kidding of course. Keep up the great work"

"I probably said this before but I'll say it again. You have the Best news letter I have ever seen and I've been on here for 4 years. You certainly deserve recognition. The I probably said this before but I'll say it again. You have the Best news letter I have ever seen and I've been on here for 4 years. You certainly deserve recognition. The best of luck to you guy..." Anthony Ferrarobest

"I get a little disgusted at your newsletter, though. It takes me a whole week to get through all your goodies, tips, tricks and it is obsessive or habit forming to say the least. Best D___ newsletter on the Web. Where do you get the time to put out such quality?"


Hi Merle:

"First I want to say "thanks" for maintaining such a high quality publication. I've been out of the marketing "loop" for a few months developing my new design website but I've always taken the time to read each of your informative issues."


"I just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant newsletter. The information it contained and the fabulous links and pointers are fabulous."

Debs Harris

"We subscribe to ten (10) Internet Marketing E-Zines, (or E-Commerce), and we have come to a unanimous vote that you are the best all around Newsletter on the Net. Now, it's just my wife and I, but you still are the best. We have started an Internet Marketing Home Business. Our Newsletter is called: Global Assets. We would like to use some of the information you have in your newsletter, with due credit given of course. 

One of the main reasons we like your Newsletter, is because you give a wealth of information without asking anything in return. You do have a referral here and there, but that's just good business sense. You seem to give out information simply because you want to help people get a start in this or any other Net business. That is what we want to do, too. Of course we want to make a living at the same time, that's the idea. But, if you can help someone along the way that's gravy."

Pete and Phyllis (Phyl) O'Dell
O'Dell Marketing Systems

"Thank you for a really helpful newsletter. Very entertaining to read. A lot of newsletters are boring, But yours is in the top 5 percent of ones I read, and I read a lot"


Hello Merle

"My name is Dar St. Clair and I've been a subscriber to your newsletter for about a year or more. Two issues prompt my writing: 1. Your newsletter is without a doubt the most self-entertaining, "take-it-with-you-everywhere", always enlightening, appropriately humorous, timely and always welcomed, out there.

As a matter of fact, a few months back, I had printed out two separate issues and taken them with me to the hospital while waiting on test for my Mother. One of the imaging scanning head nurses noticed I was "reading something other than a magazine" and inquired because I was yellow-lining and in the other hand, had a purple pen making sideline notes. I briefly mentioned the newsletter. She said that her heart's desire was to write, was just beginning to investigate all the things on the Net, and without hesitation, I openly shared with her, told her it was the absolute best and she copied down your URL! When she called later with my Mom's test results, she'd indicated she'd subscribed (oh, forgot to mention, and while we were there, she asked to run a photocopy of one issue). It was almost comical to listen to her newfound "connection" as she put it. So, it goes to prove---one never knows what can be shared in the most unlikely of places.

Again, I really enjoy your newsletter."

Best regards to You,

Dar St. Clair

"I like all the little tidbits of info: where to get free downloads, new things to try, etc."


"I always find something useful and informative in your ezine. Keep up the good work! It's very good!"

"Always enjoyed your ezine, you've provided great free resources and marketing strategies that have been very helpful in my Internet Business. So much so that I have launched a new website after being laid off from my regular job in July. Keep those great tips coming!"


"It's one of the BEST ezines I read online."

Rozey Gean

"I look forward to your ezine each and every month, love it!"

"Always good solid and useful content"

"I always look forward to your ezine...I'm putting a site together, that hasn't been published yet, and I've learned a lot from your ezine, not only about website structure and design ideas, but the information it gives about new software that is available."

"Hey there, you are a real down to earth person (liked the dog story) and I don't know how you are able to invest the considerable time into providing the content that you do, with no immediately apparent return to yourself. Keep the advertising balanced, and occasional pictures and personal anecdotes, it all makes you seem human, not like a robot."



"I receive many Internet ezines and yours is one of the ones I make a point of reading from beginning to end. The content always appears genuine! You only recommend products and services if they are useful and NOT just because you will earn an affiliate commission. The material in your ezine has helped boost the productivity and turnover generated by my own online business."

Thank you,

Douglas Mills

"I enjoy your "Merle's Mission Newsletter" because of the original articles, tips and resources. You offer new and fresh information that I don't find anywhere else. Over the past few months I've unsubscribed from many other newsletters but yours is one of the few I actually look forward to receiving and reading."

"Keep up the good work!"


"First let me tell you that I do enjoy your newsletter. It is one of the few that I receive that I do enjoy and is worthwhile. You are a smart lady."

Thanks Richard


"Time to drop you a line and let you know about some outstanding recent successes I've had when advertising in your Merle's Mission Ezine. I first became aware of your excellent publication through your Ezine Ad Auction website, where I now frequently buy my Ezine ads at greatly discounted rates.

Before long I found myself picking up ads in your own Ezine and as a result became a subscriber.Now here's the real shocker! Rather than simply delete your Merle's Mission Ezine, I read it. In fact, I read it from cover-to-cover.

First class, authoritative information from a source that's reliable and I can trust - absolutely brilliant. I've even commented on your great newsletter in my latest product -

"Thanks for providing a great Ezine Newsletter which isn't just good to read, but provides me with a terrific place to advertise too."

Michael Green
The "How To Corp"

" Merle, I just love the resources you always find, they are great. I have also been using your articles in my newsletter the last while and can always count on you for relevant content.

Keep up the great work!"

Deb Slatterie
Parrot Promotions

Hi Merle,

Your Merle's Mission Ezine is one of the better newsletters I've read, and I get hundreds of them. Yours actually has both some useful content and good links to resources. Job well done, keep it up.


"I think you're FANTASTIC! The ezine has helped me so much with maintaining/advertising my website"

"I've only been subscribed for a few months, but it's one I always read. Very personal and straightforward. Kudos"

"I like what you do girl! I just wish I had more time to read more and follow more of your valuable resources"

"Your ezine is always quality information. My favorites are those short news from the Net and your software suggestions."

"Always a good read, keep up the good work!"

"You are doing a great job. I always check out your suggestions. Thanks again!"

"Yours is one ezine I really like and enjoy, as well as learn from each time"

"Hi Merle, I enjoy reading your ezine. It reflects your character. Both you and your ezine are a class act, always containing useful information. Well worth the read. Wishing you all the best"

John Glube
"Merle, you're doing a terrific job. It's about the BEST ezine out there that I've read"

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