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Banners are always needed for advertising online

At one time "banners were king". They may not get the attention they once did but banners are still a great way to advertise your website on other websites. If you know what you're doing and can design a powerful banner that get's clicks you'll benefit from this powerful advertising medium.

Banners come in many different sizes but the standard size is 468X60. You can use any graphics program like Photoshop to design your own banners or you can use online generators to make your life easier. Some of the other sizes are: 234X60, and 120X240

The words "free" and "click here" always seem to work well on banners to get people to click thru and see what you have to say. You'll also find that animated banners outpull static ones. Try to use bright colors like red, blue and purple to draw attention.

Quick Banner: The leading banner maker and banner design tool, where you can create your own professional-looking animated banner and flash banner in three simple steps.

Header Generator: A very useful point-and-click software program designd to create header graphics for your websites.

AdDesigner: FREE service that gives you the power to design and download professional-quality, animated banner ads quickly and easily. In seconds, you can create top-quality, optimized banner ads that are perfect for your favorite banner exchange, a paid advertising campaign, or anywhere else.

Animation Online: Create free animated buttons and banners for your website.

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