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"How to Use Articles to Drive Website Traffic?

Do you write articles? If not you're missing out on a powerful easy way to promote your website. Grab this Free Ebook that teaches you step by step how to do it.

Ebooks are a viral marketing tool as well as entertaining

If you don't know what an e-book is I'm afraid you're in trouble. A viral marketing tool, e-books have spread like wildfire and can be found everywhere online. Basically it's a book in electronic format. Ebooks usually come in PDF format which has pretty much become the standard.

Sometimes they are given away for free which, when branded with your site name and logo become a valuable marketing tool. Other times they are sold ranging in price from $10.00 to a hundred dollars depending on the author and content. They are an excellent marketing and learning tool. If you look around the net you'll find plenty of free ebooks, I've placed some of the best ones I've found here.

Please download and save these ebooks to your own server and feel free to share them with others.

Wordpress content for your blog

Merle's Mission Blog 2009: Here I've taken a full year of my blog postings and compiled them into a nice PDF package. At over 100 pages it's rather large so it's zipped up. Simply unzip and enjoy. Feel free to pass it on and spread the word.

ZinePal: Create printable PDFs and eBooks from any online content.

A Beginners Guide to Using Twitter: All the basics of how to use Twitter along with some great resources to aid in your online marketing.

366 Ways to Generate Traffic: Written by Tinu Abayoni-Paul it's 35 pages of solid ideas for increasing traffic to your website. Download it and give it away to others.

101 Ways to Use PLR Content: This free PDF report gives you some 101 ways to use PLR content ebookexcellent ideas on how to use all of the private label rights content you have lying around your computer.

Quick Start Guide to Writing Articles: a new report that will let you take hold of one of the most powerful ways to bring free traffic to your site... writing articles that is of course ;-)

"30 Tips for Ebook Authors"- By Jimmy Brown- If you write ebooks you'll want to download this ebook loaded with helpful tips for any writer.writing tips for ebook authors

"How To Break Into The ‘How To Make Money Online’ Niche": By Sarah Brown 16 pages in PDF format. If you think there's no money to be made online or if you've been trying with little or no success this ebook is for you. Find out how to break into this niche.

Yahoo Answers Traffic Guide: How to use "Yahoo Answers" to generate traffic to your website.23 pages in PDF format.

Paypal Made Simple: Do you use Paypal to take online payments? If you need a little help download this handy how to guide that will show you how to set up your "pay me" buttons.

Shopping Carts: If you want to sell something from your choosing a shopping cart website you'll need a shopping cart. But which one? This book covers some of the best and brightest online today.


PLR SECRETS: Free report: How to Use PLR Products to Create a Money-Making Small Reports Business.
It is a meaty 43 pages of solid content, teaching you
how to use and monetize PLR content. tool.

Beginner’s Guide to Using and Building Traffic with FeedBurner" by Teli Adlam: It's a 23 page report loaded with tips on using the FeedBurner service. Go ahead and download it, and pass it on to your own website users, or subscribers if you like it.


Auction 101: A free report on making money selling things on Ebay. If you've been wanting to get started on Ebay this informative report is for you. ebook on selling on ebay


Your Online Money Factory: A great ebook by Kevin Riley who breaks down the facts on just how easy it is to make money online. He walks you through the step-by-step process. Feel free to give this one away to others.

Free Resource Report: If you havenít downloaded your copy free resource reportof The Resource Report, youíre missing out on some incredible resources. Before he released it out into the public, only people who paid $5,000 to attend his 2007 Figure Business Workshop could get it.




Hot News Guru Marketing Tactic Reveals Huge Income Plan:membership site ebook Want to start your own membership website? This ebook will tell you how to do it quick and easy. Comes with resell rights for only 9.97.




5 Steps to a Big Profit Report: Can You Write a 7 Page make money with small reports ebookReport? If You Can Write 7-15 Page Reports, Then You Can Make A Living Online Working Just A Few Hours Each Week From The Comfort Of Your Home. Find out how in this free report.

Easy Recipe for Product Creation: "What if you could easily crank out a $7 report in 2 1/2 hours and make hundreds - information product creation ebookeven thousands - of dollars from it?""What if the recipe only cost you $7?" How about a simple, step-by-step recipe that pumps out a ready-to-sell report in just a few hours. This ebook tells you how.

1,000 Visitors in 24 Hours: Imagine, day after day, thousands of visitors to your website, just by creating easy-to-make videos that you distribute to all of the video sites in just minutes (this report will show you how to do that, too).

Quick Guide to SEO for Adsense and Affiliate Programs: In PDF format and slightly over 40 pages it's loaded with straightforward information from how to come up with ideas for your website, where to get content, increasing the CTR of your Adsense ads and more.

$7.00 Ebooks Directory: All with Resell Rights A directory of ebooks that all sell for only 7.00 on a variety of topics. You make a purchase then refer others and keep 100% of each and every sale. If you have an ebook that uses this selling method you can list it here at no cost.

7.00 Secrets: Trying to break into creating your own informational products? Having problems selling the ones you've already created? This 30 page report will show you how and even give you the scripts needed to do it.

ClickBankTM Super Users Guide: Written by Mark Hendricks Get your fr-ee copy of this revealing guide for ClickBank affiliates and vendors Find out the four MAJOR problems you have using ClickBank and how to quickly and easily solve each one of them. Stop losing affiliate sales with these tips.

"Essential Tools For Newbie Webmasters": 16 page PDF report that's full of freebies for any webmaster. Written by Ian Essential Tools for Webmasters Free EbookTraynor who's been an online entrepreneur for over 10 years, he knows where to find the good stuff.

"10 Graphic Design Mistakes": This 19 page special PDF report called "How To Avoid The Top 10 Design Mistakes hen Creating Web Pages, Affiliate Pre-Sell Pages, Landin Pages and Sales Pages is jam packed with helpful information.

Ebook Cover Generator: So you've written an ebook and need a cover but have no idea how to make one? Not a problem. Here's a free online generator that will create a basic book cover for you in a flash.

Work from Home: A Complete Guide to Developing a Successful Internet Business from Home: Wow! This is the most complete ebook I've ever seen on working from home. Written by Shelley Lowery what else would you expect. She's been online for years and everything she touches is golden. PDF format.

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy: A 90 page ebook written by a search engine optimization specialist Brad Callen. I can't believe he's giving this away for free. If you've been trying to learn what's involved with getting your website to rank higher in the search engines don't miss this one. PDF Format.

Must Have Marketing Resources: If you have an online business you need this ebook. Loaded with over 200 resources to help you run your daily operations more inexpensively.

WebSiteTrafficPlan: Download this free ebook "50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Website". Loaded with great ideas that will increase your traffic immediately.

Mater E-Book Generator: If you write short articles and offer them up as free content on your website you may want to look at this free service that allows your site visitors to browse and select articles to add to and create their very own e-book for immediate download.

Box Shot Maker: If you sell a downloadable product like e-books or software you need to offer a graphic picture on your site so people can see something tangible. Trust me on this you'll sell more if you have a box or cover image representing your product. Download this free software and create your own.

Ebook Graphics: Many times when you write an ebook you'll do it in MS Word and then convert it to PDF. Well, if you're not a Word Wiz you'll want to purchase these Word templates that will make your ebook look more professional in no time.

EbooksNBytes: Visit ebooks N' Bytes for ebooks, a list of electronic publishers, reviews on publishing software, articles, and epublisher resources.

Rules? What Rules?: Free e-book written by John Glube explaining the rules of online advertising and how to keep yourself out of trouble with the FTC. Feel Free to download it to your site and give it away to your own site guests.

Ebook Generator: eBook Software with NEW ebook "disabling" feature. You can create an ebook within a few minutes and have your ebook 100% safe-guarded against internet piracy and theft.

Ebook Covers: If you expect to sell your ebook you're going to need a nicely designed cover. Create your own with this easy to use software.

Instant PDF Generator: If you can't afford Adobe's software to create PDF's here's an affordable alternative. One click of the mouse and it's done.

How to Create Adobe PDF Ebooks: If you own Adobe and still have no idea how to really use it to start churning out your own ebooks with it you'll want to download this free 66 page ebook.

Free eBook: "Internet Fortune on a Shoestring: How To Wisely Build Or Promote a Profitable Online Business With Only $100 In Your Pocket!". By Larry Dotson.

How to Add Audio to your Site: If you'd like to add an audio clip to your website and don't want to spend any money, now you don't have to. This free ebook will give you all the tools you need to have your website up and talking in a flash.

The Greatest Sales Letters of All Time: You know all that junk mail you throw away? Stop. If you take the time to study those sales letters you could learn a lot and become an expert in no time flat. Download this free PDF ebook that teaches you how to learn sales writing techniques from your junk mail.

HTML Executable: Compiles your HTML pages or entire Web sites into single executable files that include a built-in HTML Viewer or are Self-Extracting. Create unique full-featured e-books, presentations, documentation or Web site archives for easier, efficient and secure distribution of your pages. Free trial edition which is fully functional.

Ecover Secrets Revealed: How to easily make an ebook cover to increase the sales of your own ebook. Easy to follow directions with some links to some helpful software. Free to download and give away. Format is PDF so right click on the link to save to your own hard drive.

Garage Sale Strategies for Ebay: Don't know what to sell on Ebay? Join the club. Did you know that garage sales are a great place to find valuable items? Get this ebook that tells you what to look for.


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