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Published monthly since 2002, Merle's Mission is loaded with resources for anyone who builds or promotes a website. Each issue is loaded with valuable resources you won't find anywhere else online.

Just look at what my subscribers are saying:

"Hi Merle,
Thought I would drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy your ezine. You always have such useful and informative information. I made a special folder to put your newsletter in when I am finished reading it so I can always go back and check out the resources and links. Keep up the great work and Thanks for sharing."
Jan Emo Editor of
Lighten Up
"I am a newbie as far as the Internet is concerned. I've joined countless Ezine databases etc and have been overwhelmed with the volume. Plus they regurgitate the same old low key advice and the same old offers none of which do anything other than raise fears that they use to empty my pocket.
And then the "Merle cavalry" came over the hill. What can I say. So much detail that went straight to the heart of what I needed. Thank you so much it's fabulous.
I'm sure that there will be stuff worth buying but I now have a steer on what that might be, the free programs or books I should look at first and the trial versions I can try before buying. And I got all this FREE from you.
Thank you Merle "
Terry Savage

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Jan 20, 2008- "Copywriting Selling Secret # 11: 10 Powerful Stories To Get More Customers"

Feb 20, 2008- "How Do Custom Order Buttons Increase Response"

HTML Version is Here

March 31, 2008- Quick Website Design - "Strong Tips on How to Get Started with Designing a Site"

April 30, 2008: “Using Pings To Improve Your Blog Search Engine Rankings”

"I am a long time reader and fan of the "Mission" and of your EzineAdAuction Service. I am currently subscribed to over 4 dozen different online publications and I ALWAYS read yours because it's filled with meat and potatoes and not fluff like so many others. I now realize why you haven't taken a vacation in five years: you work too hard publishing a high quality ezine and operating five star websites. Keep it up!!"
Andrew Wroblewski
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"I have been getting your zine for over a year. I also subscribe to a few others and I have to say, yours is by far the best. It's lite, easy to read through, informative and unlike all the rest very soft sell! For whatever it's worth, Great job!"
"I have to say I don't often read your ezine from beginning to end....As well as many others.. usually ad sheets to subscribe to more ad sheets. However, this week was different .I want to thank you for the Sam Spade resource you included in your ezine... It was just what I needed when I needed it!"
"Yep, without a doubt, yours is the best ezine out there. If I had my druthers, I would simply completely forget about my own newsletter ( Actually, it seems that I have! :-) or at least, I have had to so far, do to extreme busy-ness in my business ) and write marketing and uplifting /encouraging articles for yours."
Larry Nichols
Hey Merle,
"Your ezine is totally incredible. Half of the stuff I don't understand, but I pick up bits and pieces of info that I can apply to my everyday computer usage from each issue. I intend to develop a website for the business I am in the process of starting and am happy to know that I can get tons of info from you and your website when the time comes. Thanks a bunch for providing such a great service! You are the best!! :)"

Laura :)
"Your newsletter is the only one I read when I'm short of time. I always find something useful and file it away for future use. Don't change a thing."
"I give your newsletter five stars"
"I wouldn't miss a single issue....I absolutely love your newsletter. You are very talented!"
I really enjoy your newsletter especially the resources you list. I'm new to all of this and I always find a free resource that will be useful to me either now or in the future. Keep up the great work."
"Merle, all I can say is keep up the good work! I nearly always find new resources in your ezine. Wish I could say the same for others I get. Thanks again for a great publication"


2009- These archives are hosted at Yahoo Groups


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March 30, 2005- "Get Control of your E-Mail, Before it Controls You"

April 15, 2005- "PayPal: The Grand Daddy of Online Sales Transactions"

April 30, 2005- Ebook Review: "What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Adsense"

May 15, 2005- "Search Engines: Desktops Wanted"

June 15, 2005- PayPal Alternatives: "Do You Have a Backup Plan?"

July 15th, 2005- "The 10 Commandments of a Successful Online Entrepreneur"

July 30, 2005- "Easy Clickbank Management with the Right Tools"

August 15, 2005- -"10 Things You Need to Know for a Better Website"

August 30, 2005- "Adding Interactivity to Your Website"

Sept 15, 2005- "Making the Most out of Google Adsense"

Sept 30, 2005- "The Key to Finding Good Keywords"

Oct 15, 2005- "Times, They are a Changing!"

Oct 30, 2005- "The Art & Science of Obtaining Inbound Website Links"

Nov 15, 2005- "Navigational Options for Your Website: Choose Wisely"

Nov 30, 2005- Paypal: "Finding the Right Solution for You"

Dec 15, 2005- "Happy Holidays"

Dec 30, 2005- "Tracking Website Traffic with Google Analytics"



Jan 30, 2006- "Web Content Awareness Day"

March 15, 2006- "Google- The Big Daddy of the Blogging World"

April 15, 2006- "Understanding Ebook Rights: The Basics You Need to Know

May 30, 2006- "Registering Domain Names Made Simple"

June 15, 2006- "How to Create a Favicon for Your Web Site"

June 30, 2006- Send & Receive Money with PayPal: "No Computer Required"

July 15, 2006- "You Have to Love the Creativity of Google"

July 30, 2006- "Checking Out with Google's New "Checkout" Service

Nov 15, 2006- "Does Your Website Work"


2004 Archives

Jan 15, 2004- "How To Choose A Hosting Company"

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June 15, 2004- "Getting Your Website Listed"

June 30, 2004- "And You Thought Google Was Just a Search Engine"

July 15, 2004- "IE: Not the Only Game in Town"

August 15, 2004- "Spice Up Your Site With Rotation"

August 30, 2004- "Google Adsense Expands with WebSearch"

Sept 15, 2004- "It's 3 AM- Do You Know What Your Website is Doing?"

Sept 30, 2004- "Sender ID: The Next Wave in Email Protection"

Oct 15, 2004- "How to Create Your Own Custom 404 Error Page"

Oct 30, 2004- "How's Your Sense of Style?"

Nov 15, 2004- "Are You Utilizing All the Features of Google's Adsense?"

Dec 15, 2004- "Google's Gmail: Search and Email Finally Come Together"

Dec 30, 2004- "Search Engine Optimization & Copy Writng a Winning Combination"

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