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Link swapping is very important to your search engine ranking

Ever wonder how to build incoming links to your website? In the "old days" you would simply find a site related to yours and ask for a link. In today's "what's in it for me?" society, it's not that easy anymore.

Link popularity, as it's often referred to, is important to ranking well with the search engines. Most search engines use it as a factor when determining your page rank. Basically, it's an indicator of how many other sites are linking to yours. If you have a lot of incoming links, the search engines think to themselves that your site must be pretty good and will give you a boost.

Here's a handy tool for checking on incoming links to your website...

If you'd like to swap links with me send an email to along with your text ad. If approved, and you'll link back to me I'll add you to this page. Please only quality sites need apply.

If you don't understand just how important linking is you'll want to hop over to "Linking Matters" and download their free report. It will make things much clearer.

FreeSticky: If you need some free content and tools for your website your very first stop should be at It's an excellent resource loaded with freebies you can add to your site to make it, well, more sticky.


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